V-Shaped Bidet Seat Cover (Left Inlet)

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V-Shaped Bidet Seat Cover (Left Inlet)

  • Code Model : BSC7500HVL

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Code Model : BSC7500HVL

(Left Inlet)

Size follow the Display Picture.


-No Electricity – Save power and safety.
-Special Nozzle Design -Decent water spray even at low water pressure.(e.g. 0.2 bar)
-Nozzle Self-Cleaning -Hygienic and prevent clogging.
-Easy Installation -Same as conventional seat covers.
-One-Click Seat Cover Removal -Convenient for cleaning.
-Soft-Closing Seat and Cover.
-Two Nozzles – For precise posterior wash and feminine wash.
-Come with a T-joint and a Flexible Hose – Convenient for installation.
-Use 100% Virgin and Premium Grade Plastic Material.
-Come with a Pressure Reducer – for “gentle” water spray.
(Use only when incoming water pressure is too high e.g. > 5 bar)


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